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"Bill was recommended to me by my long-time art dealer as THE person to handle a difficult move of my art collection. My collection includes 25 pieces of large scale -- up to 9' x 4'. Bill and his team were first-rate all the way, including estimating the packaging needs, extraordinary care in wrapping, crating and handling; providing short-term storage of my art while I completed the close of my home purchase; and both delivery and installation. His attention to detail was impressive from start to finish, and this eased my own anxiety about the process. Along with my art, he also handled several one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture with the same precise care and diligence. Bill's work was flawless on all counts, and I recommend him heartily."

JB, Private Collector, Chicago, IL

I met Bill Watson through my uncle's reference (Robert Harbour) and their past professional alliance. Bill first was hired to transform the new gallery space (Carrie Secrist Gallery) we were moving into at the time (summer of 2003). I quickly learned the qualities that set Bill's work apart from ANY other contractor:

  1. Not only does he finish the project on time, but usually ahead of schedule.
  2. Where other contractors would usually answer a client's inquiry with "No... can't be done", Bill's answer has ALWAYS been "Sure, we'll make it work".
  3. His cost quotes are generally lower than most and time quotes are ALWAYS less than any other bidder.
  4. He takes "pride" in whatever project he's doing and if he encounters an obstacle in his swift execution of the project, he ingeniously WILL find an answer.
  5. His attitude is most congenial. Often when he's on a break from the hired project, he will offer assistance to other projects that people may be working on.

Bill is a superb "multi-tasker" within the range of his field (construction, electrical, plumbing, etc.). He completely overhauled my three story town home (Spring/ Summer 2004) also in the West Loop. Working only off my inexperienced direction, he put in three new bathrooms, all new floors, changed the "cookie-cutter" floor plan, re-wired for numerous chandeliers. After this work was completed, he also helped me hang my "floor to ceiling" art/object collection. Once this project was complete, he began working (for more complicated installations... almost full time) at the gallery aiding in art installation.
From 2004 - 2010 some of the art "highlights" were:

• Co-Directing / Aiding in BOTH an indoor installation in the gallery AND a city wide outdoor installation of several multi-ton, twisted steel sculptures by prominent French artist Bernar Venet.

• Complete redesign of the gallery space for CSG's most noted exhibition "The Last Seduction- A Welcome Surrender To Beauty". The "anchor piece" for this exhibition was a 15 ft, multi-tiered, Chandelier by world renowned conceptual artist/architect Ai Wei Wei. This piece was first shown in New York. Within the gallery that first installed it, it took a crew of 15 three weeks to interpret the one page of directions from the artist (written in Chinese), work out the European electrical system (never actually figured out), mount the gigantic metal structure and individually hang the thousands of individual crystal strands. When the massive crates arrived at CSG (without labels or any further instructions), Bill Watson and his crew of three assistants had the installation complete in three days! In de-installation after the show was over (and happily, the piece had been sold), he took the piece apart and constructed a highly detailed packing system PLUS a several page outline of instructions for future installations (in English this time).

• Art Fairs: CSG has participated in numerous art fairs both nation wide and in Europe. Bill has been brought in for almost every fair to execute CSG's ambitious installations of oversized sculptures, works that needed to appear to be "levitating", etc. Many other exhibitors (many international) took note of "what was going on in CSG's booth" and requested (in some cases, begged) for his consultation/execution in their own booths.

Over the years Bill Watson has gone from a contractor / builder (with comprehensive skills AND "get it done attitude" above and beyond any other in his field) to one of the most sought out art installers in the city certainly... in the country probably. The other "MUCH needed" qualities that he has lent to what can be a cynical, cold, and arrogant community know as "The Art World" during his work within in it... a "warm, smiling face" and a "YES, we can get it done" attitude!

I would strongly recommend not only his art installation / construction services, but also his attitude and work ethic to the other art professionals/staff who hire him.

Carrie Secrist
Carrie Secrist Gallery

"I have known Bill Watson for almost 10 years and have admired his carpentry work for as long. As office manager of an auction house, I am often faced with challenging issues relating to the facility as well as to the installation of artworks. Whenever I call upon Bill, he is always readily available to provide creative solutions and has proven time and again to be an adept problem solver. He handles all tasks with the utmost professionalism and his positive attitude, coupled with his sense of humor and high level of skill, makes working with Bill a thoroughly enjoyable experience every time. His talents in construction and with installations are unparalleled. I am so confident in Bill's ability to handle a wide variety of endeavors that I am quick to recommend him to our most important clients, knowing that he will consistently exceed the expectations of even the most demanding collectors."

Laura, Senior Manager, Auction House, Chicago, IL

"I have known Bill Watson for almost two years during my time as Assistant Director of a Chicago Gallery. Bill is incredibly hard working, dependable and always is able to get any job completed in an efficient manner. We have hired Bill to build crates (for art shipping), install lighting, build walls, hang large pieces of artwork (that are incredibly difficult to install), shipping consultations, fix electrical wiring, wall repair, and aid with building issues, and many more jobs over the years. The outcome of Bill's work is always exceptional and we are always pleased with the work Bill does at the gallery, so much so that we find ourselves constantly recommending his services to other galleries in Chicago. Not only does Bill do incomparable work, he is a joy to be around and is in constant good cheer. Many times we call Bill last minute to help us fix something and he is always willing to help us and often, he will come by that day or he will give us first-class advice over the phone. Not only is the work that Bill does excellent, he is also a close friend of the gallery and someone that we can always depend on."

Natalie Popovic,
Carrie Secrist Gallery

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